Products and services that I find helpful and/or essential to running a soul-preneur business.

Unless you have a team charged with researching and collecting great resources, you’ll be spending hours looking for the right graphic, training, marketing info, how-to-do-it guides, etc. I know I have! I’ll use this page to share what I find and hope they are useful to you. Check back regularly for updates!

EFT/Tapping is a powerful technique for reducing stress and painful emotions. I always say, use it on Everything! It’s drug-free, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Even kids can learn it, and they love Tapping!

Want to learn more? Check out EFT Universe for lessons, tutorials, books, case histories, etc. Lots of free stuff there!

Bitly! Have a long URL? Shorten it with Bitly. With an account, you can get analytics, like number of clicks and source. It’s so cool, I love using it and checking my clicks.

Have you ever been so frustrated at trying to manage the tech side of your business that you wanted to throw your computer out of the window? I have! Thank the Universe that I have Sherry Bowers on my team. She is so knowledgeable yet never acts like a tech asshole. (Sorry, but sometimes tech support feels like that.) I love her, and you will too.

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Disclaimer: Any recommendations I make are based on my belief that the individual or organization offers something of value to heart-centered people. I trust these and recommend them to you based on my personal experience. If you decide to buy, I may be compensated for the referral. Be sure to check it out and listen to your own intuition before making any purchases.


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