Testimonials -- What My Clients Are Saying

Linda Wells has absolutely changed my life! I’ve worked with some of the top mentors in this industry, and I can say, that Linda’s work is brilliant and revolutionary! Her Tapping Into Wealth coaching programs WORKS. Getting to the core of money issues really isn’t about money at all. It’s about all the other subconscious life programming that stands in the way of your success. And her ancestral clearing work is out of this world!!

I HIGHLY recommend you book a session – and then a series of sessions with her if you want to change your money paradigm, as well as your life.

Thank you, Linda, for everything you have done to help me – and all we are continuing to do together. You are absolutely AMAZING!!

- Michelle Manning

I so appreciate Linda and her wonderful guidance on this sacred journey together.

I began this process not fully realizing how much the old, unsupportive stories of my past were affecting my life, self-esteem, quality of relationships, and my confidence in the present.

By working with Linda and her unique Matrix Re-Imprinting approach, I've experienced deep and profound healing in all of these areas.  And as we continue to work together, I’m feeling ever-clearer, stronger, and happier, as well as more confident, compassionate, and just plain grateful. I find I’m continually stretching my comfort zone and moving forward in life with new empowering stories as my foundation.

This has been a phenomenal coaching investment!

- Carol Stotts

I am more confident. I’m comfortable being honest and vulnerable and asking for what I want and need. I’m passionate about my business again. I’ve created various streams of income that allow me to heal and allow me to continue living my dream of being a business owner. I’m able to serve more people. I’m able to offer my services to more people in a way that feels so good to me.

People really see my changes and have mentioned how strong I am and how inspired they are by seeing the actions I’ve been taking in my life. I never, ever saw myself as strong or inspiring before. And now, I know that I am. I know that I have an amazing story to share that will truly help others. And, I know for sure that I have an amazing gift that I am sharing everyday through my business.

Tikoshia Davis

- Tikoshia Davis, Business Made Simple
Rev. Anne Presuel, Divinely Intuitive Business

Linda’s tapping is fabulous and her intuition is spot on! She is a delight to work with! I recently had the opportunity to experience working with her and when she asked me to tell her my own outrageous goal, I did. But it didn’t feel doable. It felt like it would be too hard and like too much work.

Through the course of working with her, that goal began to feel more and more possible – like it was just a matter of time before it manifests. That was delightful! While it hasn’t yet manifested (we only just worked together); there is no doubt in my mind that it will.

What I loved most about working with Linda was her humor and her intuition. She made the deep work we did actually fun. We laughed a lot during our sessions, which I absolutely loved!

Thank you, Linda!

Rev. Anne Presuel, Divinely Intuitive Business

When I started working with Linda, I was considering retiring from my University administration position. I was experiencing anxiety about having enough money, and bordering hopeless and sadness over what I thought was the end of my career and worklife.

After just 3 sessions, I was offered, out of the blue, a promotion and raise at another University out of state. Without clearing the hidden beliefs we uncovered, I don’t know if I would have gotten the offer. But there are no coincidences and the sessions made me feel more confident and clear so that I can embrace my new opportunity.

The sessions with Linda meant I can now envision change and create it.

- Billy D.

Working with Linda J. Wells doing Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as Tapping) was an amazing experience. She is kind, nonjudgemental and has a great sense of humor. Linda puts you at ease, and affords you a safe place to delve and discover hidden events that are blocking your progress to living a happy and successful life. She has helped me “Clear the clutter” and “Conquer procrastination”.  Thank you Linda!

- Anne J.

Linda is simply amazing.  She has really been a tremendous support in my emotional and spiritual growth. Linda is a very warm, gentle, and non-judgmental soul who immediately puts you at ease when you enter her office.

For those who might be skeptical of the efficacy of hypnosis or EFT, or any alternative mental health treatment option, there is no better person to go to when all other resources or traditional therapies have failed.  Linda demystifies the whole process for you.

My experience has been one of hyperawareness of body and mind, and I am grateful to have learned so much during my sessions.  Linda has provided me with a life-long practice I/you can use anywhere and at anytime.

During my most recent sessions, my experience was profound and I gained tremendous insight, moving me towards growth, healing, and closure.  Thank you, Linda!

- M. H., New York City

Linda is a wonderful certified and master EFT practitioner.  Her ability to intuit what is going on within a person that might be a barrier to success is amazing!  She is able to work through issues with a client easily and effortlessly using EFT which is an incredible tool for success!

- P. T., Oakland, CA


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